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We’ve been there, and that’s why we’re here.

We’ve been frantic about keeping track of tasks. Our finances getting the better of us. Overwhelm and procrastination impacting our productivity. Not knowing where to start or what to do. So busy and lost that our faith suffers.

Nothing we tried seemed to help.

Until we got organized and started being intentional with living. We planned and prepared. We followed systems that kept us on track. That brought us deeper into our faith. That helped us overcome crippling debt. That made us into the Bosses we are today.

Faith, Family, Finances

We found a system to address all the important areas of our lives – Faith, Family, Finances. And we decided to share that system with you.

These are the planners and journals we designed based on what our needs were and adjusted them as time went by.

Today, we’ve created a system that will support the three pinnacles of your lives as well – your Faith, Family and Finances.

We started small, meeting a need for cute desk pad calendars. Now, we’ve moved into the full lines of journals and planners that’s been part of our system for improving our lives.

Today, Paper Vault Publishing is the proud developer of a range of luxury planners and journals for busy woman looking to organize and manage their lives with success. All our journals and planners have been designed by or have had input from women in the workforce.

They address your specific challenges – personal and professional. They have been tested and proven to support you in meeting your goals of an organized and productive life – one that’s filled with passion and a love for all things beautiful.

Paper Vault Publishing planners and journals are your trusty little helpers

Our planner and journal users are driven ladies who want tools that help them do the work and support their businesses.

  • You are passionate about your ideas and goals and are ready to make your dreams a reality.
  • You enjoy life in all its glory and embrace the vibrancy of being a passionate professional.
  • You are devoted to growing your faith and developing a deeper connection with your spiritual self and God.
  • You’re ready to start making a beautiful life for yourself. And it starts with getting that life together and organized.
  • You want a life that’s less stressful and more intentional and focused.

So, join our family of Boss BISH and Professional Babes. Get ready to take the world by storm and make an impact – starting with your favourite planners and journals.

A Luxury Line of Calendars, Journals, and Planners

Your planner is more than just a marking of dates and events. They’re a system to reclaim your happiness, boost your productivity, and take control of your life and faith.

As we saw the gap for luxury planners that could meet our needs, we designed ours to fulfill the multiple needs we have as women. Plus, we’re from New Orleans. We have an eye for beauty and a thing for passion. So, our planners had to look good too.

That’s when we stepped in and filled a void for cute, luxury calendars and planners that meet the needs of our Boss BISH and Professional Babes.

We focus on both function and form.

That’s why each line of planners and journals are gorgeously decorated with original artwork and made of high-quality material. All our planners and journals are laid out to maximize your productive time and give you the tools to organize your business and life and improve your faith.

They also cover all you need for productivity, personalization, goal setting, and living a well-intentioned life.

The Perfect Tools for an Intentioned Life

Let’s help you manage Your Faith, Family and Finances. Here are our proven lines of products that support professional and personal development. Each line is infused with our passion and developed with quality because that is our best way of sending love to you.

  • NOLA – Inspired by the vibrancy and beauty of New Orleans
  • PRAY – A proven process to deepen your faith
  • SAVE – Get your finances in order
  • Boss BISH – For the Boss in all of us
    Our life experiences helped us develop these planners, so we know they work. Join the fam and find your perfect planner, journal, and calendar to work with you on your journey.

Shop the Paper Vault Planners and Journals

These are easy to use, stylish, and professional lines of planners, calendars, and journals to get your days focused, organized, and productive.

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