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Paper Vault Publishing

We are all capable of living passion-filled, productive, and intentional lives. We just need the right tools to help us along on our journey.

We’ve been there, and that’s why we’re here.
We’ve been frantic about keeping track of tasks. Our finances getting the better of us. Overwhelm and procrastination impacting our productivity. Not knowing where to start or what to do. So busy and lost that our faith suffers.
Nothing we tried seemed to help.
Until we got organized and started being intentional with living. We planned and prepared. We followed systems that kept us on track. That brought us deeper into our faith. That helped us overcome crippling debt. That made us into the Bosses we are today.
We found a system to address all the important areas of our lives – Faith, Family, Finances. And we decided to share that system with you.

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The Perfect Tools for an Intentioned Life

Let’s help you manage Your Faith, Family and Finances. Here are our proven lines of products that support professional and personal development. Each line is infused with our passion and developed with quality because that is our best way of sending love to you.


Inspired by the vibrancy and beauty of New Orleans
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A proven process to deepen your faith
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Get your finances in order
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Boss Bish

For the Boss in all of us
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Our life experiences helped us develop these planners, so we know they work. become a patron and find your perfect planner, journal, and calendar to work with you on your journey.

Get your free ebook

Our life experiences helped us develop these planners, so we know they work. become a patron and find your perfect planner, journal, and calendar to work with you on your journey.


Build your business with the passion of NOLA

Say it strong, say it proud. I’m from New Orlean, and I’m proud.

And with that strong heritage behind you, it’s time to take on your personal and professional dreams with a beautifully designed planner that supports your goals. Turn your dreams into reality by recording and managing them in your NOLA Planners.

Plan with Passion

  • Organize Your dreams

    The detailed planner layout helps you organize your thoughts and tasks in a logical manner for easy action.

  • Plan Your Journey

    Map out your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals and tasks and get closer to realizing your dreams.

  • Track Your Progress

    Keep on top of your personal and professional life with the organized planner, unlike any other.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prayer Journals

    Your NOLA planner is the perfect accessory to help you organize your life and dreams. It’s the perfect planner for diehard New Orleanians who live with passion. See you in NOLA.

  • Daily and Monthly Prayer Journals

    Be intentional and enthusiastic about taking on your day. Approach your dreams with gusto (and maybe some gumbo) and slay them like the Boss you are.

What’s included in the NOLA Planner Line

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily schedules for better time management and organization of your life and business
  • Beautifully designed covers with original artwork and sturdy covers for long-term use
  • High-quality material for both the cover and internal pages
  • Fun planning stickers to help you stay on track

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Without prayer, we are nothing!

Get your spiritual life organized and keep your priorities straight with the PRAY line of prayer journals. Each beautifully designed journal comes with daily planning and journaling sheets, prompts, challenges, and prayer watch hours to build a strong spiritual connection and grow in your faith.

Get Connected with Your Faith

  • Develop Your Prayer life

    Use the PRAY journals to learn and build the discipline of intentionally praying daily.

  • Create a Life of Gratitude

    Give praise and thanks as you reflect on your Blessings and your relationship with God.

  • Deepen Your Faith

    Used daily, the PRAY journals are the perfect prayer tools to enhance your spiritual journey.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prayer Journals

    PRAY Journals are a cornerstone tool in our line of planners for balancing our faith, family life, and finances. They’re perfect for the spiritual woman or young girl seeking to develop a consistent habit of prayer.

  • Daily and Monthly Prayer Journals

    Be intentional in your faith and be prepared to tackle spiritual warfare with grace and purpose. Ideal for the woman seeking to maintain a discipline of prayer and focus.

What’s included in the PRAY line of journals

  •  Your choice of original artwork to inspire your mind and calm your spirit
  • The unique Buddy Challenge for you and your best-friends-in-Christ to challenge each other to prayer and progress in your spirituality
  • Weekly prayer guides to help you keep focused on your spiritual journey
  • Gorgeous planner stickers to keep you on track
  • Prayer watch hours to take advantage of your ideal praying times

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Shop SAVE Budget Planners & Wallet

We are the boss of our financial lives!

We climbed out of nearly $500k in debt. The SAVE Planner System is how we did it. Get your financial life in order today. Each expertly designed wallet and planner comes with the tools and resources to keep your budget and savings on track to meet your goals.

Build a Strong Financial Foundation

  • Develop a Saving Habit

    Create a budget, a plan, and a system to establish better money habits for your life.

  • Get Out of Debt Sooner

    Say goodbye to the burden of debt and hello financial freedom with a tested planner process.

  • Become a Budget Queen

    We are the boss of our financials and we will prove it with our trusty SAVE planner.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Budget Planners

    SAVE planners are the financial foundation for managing your finances with ease. Perfect for the career woman or entrepreneur focused on developing money habits that lead to long-term financial success.

  • Daily and Monthly Budget Planners

    Be intentional in controlling your financial health. Your daily and monthly budget planners are part of the A6 financial wallet to maintain discipline and focus on your financial goals.

What’s included

  • A perfectly sized A6 Wallet Planner to hold all your financial necessities
  • Beautifully designed planner that inspires you to use it daily and maintain your saving habits
  • High-quality cash envelopes that will last a long time as you work on improving your finances
  • Planner Stickers to keep you organized and for easy classification.

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Boss Bish

Shop Boss BISH Daily Planners

Plan. Do the Work. Build Your Business Empire. Repeat.

You have great ideas for your business. It’s time to map your road to success and slay your goals with the Boss BISH Daily Planner. Lay out the big goals. Itemize the daily tasks. And do the work to move like a Boss Babe ready to take on the world.

Plan for Success. Make it a Reality.

  • Crush Your Goals

    Boost your productivity to get more done with less stress with your trusty planner.

  • Forget Procrastination

    Eliminate overwhelm and get stuff done with the simple & effective Boss BISH planner.

  • Manage Your Time Better

    Set out exactly what to focus on each day to earn more money and grow your business.

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners

    Work smarter with the Boss BISH Planner and get to your goals sooner rather than later. Ideal for the Boss BISH ladies who are serious about their business and revenue goals.

  • Daily and Monthly Business Planners

    Maximize your time when you stay structured and organized with the perfect planner for professional goals. It’s the complete line of daily and monthly calendar to keep you themed and working.

What’s included

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily view for a better handle on your days
  •  Original artwork for a sleek, polished, and sophisticated look
  •  High-quality material for durability with style
  • Planning stickers to make the process more organized and fun

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