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Are You a Pristine Patron?

Pristine patrons are organized.

They know it’s an annual thing. That every year they’ll be getting
their monthly and yearly planners. That they’ll need desk pad
calendars, so they don’t run out of space to take notes. They’re
gonna be ready to start planning out their days and months.
They don’t need to wait for sales. Or search online for coupons.
They plan ahead.
They become Pristine Patrons. And they get their stylish and
functional calendars and planners from Paper Vault Publishing.

Benefits of Being a Pristine Patron

As a Pristine Patron, you get more perks. Join our exclusive fam to get the most out of your membership.

20% Discount

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No need to worry about
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Our Paper Vault Patrons are like
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Dedicated Support

Never be left out in the wind.
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Paper Vault Publishing

We’re a Black women-owned, NOLA-made, lux planner company.
Our products have been tested with our lives from faith to finances
and business. We have been through it all and then some. These
planners helped us make it to where we are today.
Now, we’re strengthening our faith daily, and being bosses in our
lives, finances, and business. And we want to share the planners
that got us here.
Join the Paper Vault Family and start a journey of discovery,
passion, and organization. And it starts with one or all four of our

Join the Paper Vault exclusive membership program and get instant access to a 20% discount on all products and free shipping.

What Could Be in Your Vault

Tried, Tested, and Proven. All our luxury planners are beautifully designed with hand-drawn artwork that just exudes passion.

  • Faith-based planners

    PRAY is our luxury line of planners to enhance your faith daily. Enjoy our stylishly designed reminders and advice for getting your spiritual life in order.

  • Getting your finances in check

    A Paper Vault user is one who budgets well, saves, and invests. Includes practical yet beautifully designed envelopes for budgeting.

  • Being that Boss BISH

    Level up in business as you get more organized, plan out and deliver on your dreams and goals. Our planners get you energized.

  • Uniquely New Orleans

    What can we say? We’ve got a passion for New Orleans, and if you’ve visited, you will too. Grab the Nola planner for the passion-filled, purpose-driven life.

Pristine Patrons Plan with Paper Vault

We’ve built our planners and calendars with our life experience. That’s how much we stand behind the planners we sell. You, too, can design your lives with a lux planner that’s stood the test of time.
Pristine Patrons also prefer our exclusive membership perks. Because discounts and savings shouldn’t take you on a wild chase across the internet.
You’re a Boss BISH planning out your days and a SAVE icon who knows how to manage her money. You’re steadfast in your faith and PRAY without ceasing. And you’ve got the passion of NOLA in you.
So, take advantage of the perks of being a Pristine Patron and join today.

I’m Ready to Become a

Awesome. It’s simple to get started planning and organizing your life with our Lux Planner set. And if you have any problems, remember you have access to priority customer support.

So, here’s how our quick, 2-step process works.

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Register on Paper Vault as a Patron member (This is separate from general subscription). You’ll get an email confirming your membership after you’ve completed the process.

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Pristine Patron is our exclusive membership program for Paper Vault Subscribers. It’s our way of giving back to our loyal customers with specials, discounts, and more to make planning a breeze.

It’s like having a coupon in your purse that lasts a whole year. You get instant access to free shipping for a year, discounts on all products, dedicated customer support, and birthday and membership anniversary surprises.

And we love our Patrons. So, keep checking your emails, and there will be more surprises for you.

It’s an annual membership and costs $99 per year. (If you join in our pre-sale period, you get a 50% discount for your first year’s membership). Membership starts as soon as you join and lasts for 12 months.

Awesome. We love welcoming new members into our Pristine Patron fam.

So, you can upgrade at any time. Simply visit this link, sign up , and start enjoying all the benefits your Pristine fam already does.

We’d be really sad to see you go, but of course, we make it easy for you to leave. The membership fee is non-refundable, but your membership will automatically expire at the end of your annual subscription period once you cancel.