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Build A Stronger Relationship With Christ

Spiritual warfare is real, and we’ve experienced it! That’s why we designed a planner to help others meet these challenges head-on and conquer them without fear and with a tried and proven guide.
This line of journals is designed to assist you in your daily prayer life, from journaling to prayer challenges and more.

The Daily Planners For The Ambitious Woman

There’s no need to learn how to prayer journal or how to set up a prayer journal.

We’ve been on that path, and our lessons have taught us how to build a prayer journal that supports our spiritual growth.

Our PRAY Journals were designed and made by women in the workforce who have been forced to reckon with the upheavals of being a career woman while maintaining their faith. So, not only are these luxury calendars gorgeously decorated with original artwork but the inserts are all selected to help you meet the challenges we deal with daily.

How the beautiful PRAY line of prayer journal works

  • The easy to use design and layout of the journal encourages you to keep journaling, even if you’ve never done so before
  • Each day brings with it a chance for a new and brighter perspective about your relationship with God and your spiritual journey
  • The prompts and guides help you to dig deeper into your heart and listen to God
  • Daily journaling helps to bring you comfort and peace, a time to reflect and pray even as you go about your busy day.
  • Use your PRAY journals for bible study or daily devotional.

What’s included in the PRAY line of journals:

  • Your choice of original artwork to inspire your mind and calm your spirit
  • The unique Buddy Challenge for you and your best-friends-in-Christ to challenge each other to pray and progress in your spirituality
  • Weekly prayer guides to help you keep focused on your spiritual journey
  • Gorgeous planner stickers to keep you on track
  • Prayer watch hours to take advantage of your ideal praying times

A Perfect Prayer Journal

Beautifully Designed

Modern & Trendy

Simple Yet Powerful


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