Prayery: Your Holy Lux Planner


Weekly Religious Planner.Use the Pray journals to learn and build the discipline of intentionally praying daily. Be encouraged by God’s word. Journal as much or as little as your heart desires.

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Over 250 pages of divinely designed full color planner!  This planner provides ample jotting space to recall and request magnificent works of GOD! While journaling be encouraged. Journal as much or as little as your heart desires and most importantly keep tracked of those answered prayers!

  • This 8.5*11 inch, double gold coil bound, luxury planner is functional and fashionable.
  • Each product is complete with commemorative storage box. When the journal is complete, simply add it your prayer tool box.
    • When times are good, Praise, HIM! Recall those answered prayers, rejoice and be glad in them.
    • For those moment, He carries because things are difficult for you alone, read back and be inspired by your own testimony, PRAISE GOD!